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Episode 11 - The Penalty is Pinball

U.S. Dragonball-Episode Summary
Episode 11-"The Penalty is Pinball"

The episodes starts off with Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong trapped in Emperor Pilaf's castle. Pilaf now has six of the seven dragonballs. Not knowing that goku had the four star dragonball, sent Mai and Shin to search bulma's car for the seventh ball.

While Goku and Yamcha try to punch their way out of their prison, they soon find out that they are being watch, by non other tan Pilaf himself. Bulma then makes fun a Pilaf and is grabbed by one of his machine claws. For doing that Pilaf was going to give Bulma the treatment. Trying to make it sound scarry, he blew Bulma a kiss, then threw her back in her prison with the others. Pilaf then decides to gas them with yellow #3.[a.k.a sleeping gas.] Then he walks in their prison and becomes a victom of his own plan. Mai and Shin walk in [with gas masks] and search's Goku for the last dragonball. Not long after they take the dragonball, Pilaf wakes up.

They then go outside to summoned the dragon. Clumsily leaving the prison door open, the gang walks out to then stumble over Pilaf. They are chasing Pilaf when they walk into a giant pinball machine. They end up running from a giant pinball to get back to the same place they started from. Goku then uses the kamehameha wave on the wall. But only make a little hole big enough for Oolong and Puar to into bat bat and fly threw. So they do. Pilaf has now summoned the dragon. Thus ends the episode.


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